Sunday, February 22, 2015


Scott Heaney — 
5 sI returned to karate late in life, after many many years. I am a beginner again. I felt so welcomed into the dojo by Sensei Steve, and not only did he make me feel good about my decision, he is one of the best teachers I have ever come across. He embodies the martial way. Wise beyond his years. When he speaks, you want to listen. Looking forward to studying there for a long time. As someone else said best, "this is not a McDojo. This place is for real". I highly recommend it. Osu!January 28, 2014

Mihai Cotop  5 starThis is the place where you can ask more from yourself with a built confidence that what you do is right. The reality of physical movement is melting in the kyokushin and jiu-jitsu philosophy to give you a stability for both body and soul.There is no need of medicine when you are in balance with your self. I warmly recommend!

Mike A.  
5 star
This is not a McDojo. This place is for real. Real Kyokushin, real Kickboxing, real Jiu-Jistu. Highly recommend Contact Kicks MMA.