Thursday, February 13, 2014


Yuki Hanaoka Aviado

 - When did you started training , where and what style ?
 13 years ago, I began training "Nippon Kempo" in highschool in Japan. Nippon Kempo is a traditional Japanese mixed martial art. I practiced it for 3 years and received my Black Belt. After that, I changed activity into something else. Then in January 2014, I started Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu here at CKMA.

 - Why did you started? Reason?
 The reason why I started Nippon Kempo is I wanted to do something different from other girls. After I came to Canada, my health condition was getting worse. I figured it was because I stopped exercising, so I started martial arts again.

 - Your competition experience.
I have competed in tournaments in Nippon Kempo within Japan. My highschool won the Japanese National Highschool Championships in 2003. I haven't competed in Kickboxing or Jiujitsu yet.

 - Your goals for the future in martial arts ? Will you compete more and in what discipline ?
 The most important thing for me is to keep my body healthy. But I want to compete in the future, because it is fun to compete and to prepare for a competition makes me keep training.

 - How do you feel at CKMA dojo ? How do you like the training ?
 Kickboxing and Jiu-jitsu are different from Nippon Kempo. There are a lot of things that I have never learned. In CKMA, there are a lot of beginner students, so the teachers teach the basic stuff which helps me understand the moves properly. This is the biggest reason why I feel comfortable to train here.

 - What advice you give to other girls who are interested in starting training in martial arts ?
 If you are looking for a great stress reliever or a great workout, don't be intimidated and just try it out. It is awesome to feel exhausted physically. It can get rid of stress and mental fatigue. And I need more girls to train with !

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