Saturday, April 12, 2014

Get in the Ring

Back from the kickboxing event last night in Guelph. What can I say, it was an interesting experience. Some problems with the fighter mach ups , some people went missing after the weight in and medicals, but over all we had some good fights and some bad fights . Unfortunately two of our best fighters did not fight ! JM got lost from the list and Gyula's opponent run away after the weight in ! First fight was Yerro and because of the 10 lbs weight difference it was not sanctioned, so only a demo fight. Yerro put up a show and dominated his opponent ! Next was Michael - he had a strong opponent , but Michael fought like a true warrior . Cristian came in for the next fight and we knew he will bleed hard, but he never stopped fighting ! The doctor stopped the fight in the second round. Paulo was the last on the card, also he had a stronger opponent and he last due to referee stoppage . Lots to learn and lots to do in the future. Some will fight again , some probably not. We met some great people and we are happy to step into the ring ! Thank you Wolfgang Brutter for the invitation , it was good to finally meet . Also we met Laura Vuculescu and Radu from Black Tigers Muay Thai. Now back on the mats , more sweat , more pain and more blood !
Osu !

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