Thursday, June 05, 2014

Student Profile

Student Profile : Yerro Gassama 

 1. D.O.B, weight and height. 23/05/93 130lbs 5”9
 2. Short history in martial arts: - Started with Shotokan karate at age 10 for 2 years, then a year kickboxing at 15, and self-trained until now with Contact Kicks
 3. Why did you choose Contact Kicks ? - At first the location, the easy going mood generated in the gym, the familial atmosphere; then I stayed because of the mentality of the coaches, the life lessons provided and great companionship.
 4. What are your future goals regarding martial arts training: - I want to train, compete and challenge myself my whole life.
 5. Favorite technique ? - Flying knee
 6. Other hobbies ? - Huge Soccer fan, Great Music, reading, fitness, meditation, good times

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