Sunday, July 06, 2014

Student Profile - Scott

Student Profile: Scott Heaney 

 1. D.O.B, weight and height. 16/05/70 165lbs 5”10
 2. Short history in martial arts: - No formal training until my 20s when I studied American Kenpo Karate for five years.
 3. Why did you choose Contact Kicks ? – I was specifically looking for Kyokushin Karate training, because in Kenpo there was no contact, and I felt Kyokushin would offer me that. I chose Contact Kicks and stayed because not only are the physical components of Karate taught, but Sensei Fogarasi embodies the spirit of martial arts (budo) and teaches with a philosophy that is applicable inside and outside of the dojo. Sensei Fogarasi’s teaching has literally changed my life. I have also made great friends. It is a family atmosphere. The best decision I have ever made.
4. What are your future goals regarding martial arts training: – Continue my training in Kyokushin, help build our dojo and spread Kyokushin in Canada, with the goal of someday being able to teach.
 5. Favorite technique ? – Currently, inside low kick (uchi gedan mawashi geri)
 6. Other hobbies ? – Music, reading, writing (including blogging), movies & documentaries, fitness & wellness, family and enjoying nature with my dogs.

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