Thursday, September 25, 2014

Student Profile : Larissa

Larissa Ng
5th Kyu Yellow Belt

1. Stats :  Age 27, Weight: 150lbs Height: 160cm
2. Short history in martial arts : I studied Kyokushin in 2010 in a different dojo for 1 year prior to joining Contact Kicks.
3. Why did you choose Contact Kicks ? I chose Contact Kicks because I was looking to continue studying Kyokushin. I made the decision to stay because I like to structure of the classes and the coaching that I received from Sensei Steve. Throughout the course of attending Contact Kicks for a short period of time (1 year) I have seen significant improvement in my stamina, technique and mentality. In addition, there is a strong, positive and supportive community that inspires and continues to motivate me.
 4. What are your future goals regarding martial arts training ? My future goals in martial arts is to continue my Kyokushin journey among the friends and teammates I have made at Contact Kicks.
 5. Favorite technique ? Currently, my favorite technique is ushiro geri ( back kick ).
 6. Other hobbies ? My other hobbies are: snowboarding, skateboarding, reading, hanging out with my dog and cooking.

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