Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Never too late

Interview with Debby Noar, along with her children, Michael (age 13) and Sofie (age 11)

How did you first decide to get into karate?

Debby: The kids were looking for an after school activity and we decided to check out a free intro class at Contact Kicks. I had studied Kenpo Karate in university so I had some familiarity with martial arts.

What was your first impression of Kyokushin Karate and Contact Kicks Martial Arts?

Sofie: I wasn’t nervous.
Michael: I was a little a nervous at first, but within a couple classes I felt comfortable.

What made you want to continue?

Michael: It was athletic, it help build my confidence and decreased the stress I was feeling from school. I was bullied at school, which created some anger, and the training of Kyokushin Karate with Sensei Fogarasi gave me tools to help deal with it, as well as giving me a healthy outlet for my anger. I have been able to apply what I have learnt outside of the dojo. For example, Seiza has given me the ability to calm myself down, whereas I can get my anger out with the punches and kicks.

Sofie: I really like the athletic components of Kyokushin Karate. I am naturally flexible and I really enjoy being able to apply that.

Mom, how did you get involved?

Sofie: She didn’t want to sit around and watch us train from the sidelines :)

Debby: We made an agreement that Michael and Sofie would receive their red belts before I would join. As well, due to the age-gap in the children’s class, we decided to have Michael and Sofie try the adult class, as they felt they were ready for the challenge. This gave us an opportunity to all train together.

Additionally, Michael and Sofie are approaching their teenage years and I know I am losing them a little. So this is an opportunity for us to spend time together. Even though we’re not always working together, we are learning together. On top of that, when we get home we help each other out remembering and learning elements of the classes and curriculum. This is an opportunity to keep my family together.

How long have you been training together as a family?

Debby: It’s been about a month now.

And same question as we posed to your kids. What are you enjoying about it?

Debby: It’s a great stress release. It helps me to focus. It helps me block out a lot of the nonsense of life. I am able to get very focused. I need the exercise. Not from a weight loss perspective, but from feeling stronger and healthier. I did 10 push-ups tonight! I was impressed by that progress. It is my birthday tomorrow, I’ll be 49, and I feel great!

Any last comments you would like to add?

I want to say that I don't think I would have joined just any dojo. It was BECAUSE of the honest and humble way Sensei teaches and the deep respect I have come to have for him that made me want to join. I see his commitment. It's beyond money and glory and all about his Kyokushin spirit. He makes us want to try harder and be better not only in the dojo, but also as we live our own lives.


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