Monday, September 09, 2013

It is never too late ...

My name is Danielle and my husband Aitor and I are new students at Contact Kicks. In April I gave birth to our first baby and began my search to find my way back to fitness. Both Aitor and I had done karate growing up, he was the first to decide that he wanted to go back. He had researched about Georges St. Pierre and read about full contact karate and Kyokushin, which for him was exactly what he was looking for; the discipline and culture of karate coupled with full contact fighting. After a few weeks hearing about how much Aitor was enjoying his time at Contact Kicks and the people he had met and trained with, I decided that there may be a place for Kyokushin in my life. For us being new parents with limited free time, it was an excellent opportunity for us to be able to train together and have a common fitness path. It allowed us to spend quality time together while reaching our fitness goals. I was quite nervous about my first class as my body was vulnerable from just having a baby and I was starting from a very beginners level of fitness, Sensei Steve and all the people at Contact Kicks really put my fears at ease. The class was by no means easy, I sweat my butt off, but the dojo was for me a safe environment where I could begin my training and regain my confidence. Kyokushin as a style is very challenging and engaging. I love being back in Karate and relearning the techniques and culture, but with being a full contact style I am also learning real life, practical skills that increase my confidence in self defense. There is a real sense of camaraderie in the dojo and there is also a feeling of being connected to something bigger within the IFK organization. I am very excited to continue my training in Kyokushin and am very happy to have found a place at the Contact Kicks dojo.

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  1. Congratulations with the baby! Had the same expereince with Shotokan Karate but am looking at Kyokushin too.